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Top 8 wedding tuxedo tips for stylish grooms

Top 8 Wedding Tuxedo Tips for Stylish Grooms

Your bride ordered her dress, but what about your wedding tuxedo? Grooms nowadays are looking sharper than ever, and a professional tailor can ensure you’ll have GQ-worthy style on your big day! Denny talks to Michael Duru from Michael Duru Clothiers about ordering groom tuxedos, managing expectations, and why you should trust professionals to take care of you. Here are our

Top 8 Wedding Tuxedo Tips for Stylish Grooms

1. When to Start

Visit your tailor at least three months before your wedding to start the process of measuring and selecting your wedding tuxedo. Once ordered, normal turnaround time is 3-4 weeks including your initial and final fittings. Bring your selected shirt and shoes to your final tuxedo fitting, so you can make sure the final product measures up to your expectations. You can also take a photo at your fitting to show your bride and make sure she approves, too!

2. Don’t DIY

If your wedding tuxedo is the right cut for your body, you can also minimize alterations and save some money. How do you make sure you get the right fit? Some guys take their measurements at home and order a tux online. Trying to take your own measurements will not result in accuracy; have a professional do it! Even if you are professionally measured by a tailor and then decide to still order a tuxedo rental online, Michael’s advice is to pay for a week and a half rental to make sure you have enough time to try everything on before your wedding.

3. Right For You

The right tailor can make subtle changes to your wedding tuxedo that emphasize the areas you want to and minimizes the areas you don’t – without sacrificing your personal style! Even if you’re not totally clear on how you’d like to look, rest easy. Being neat and clean cut is never out of style. (Pleated pants? Yeah, maybe they’re out!) A professional tailor will guide you on the right track so you’ll look your best on your wedding day!

4. Unique Lining

Fancy linings really make an impact! People will notice the inside of your jacket, and there are endless possibilities. Want a really unique wedding tuxedo jacket lining? Michael Duru can even take one of your digital photos and turn it into a lining. What a cool way to show off your personality! There’s no limit to the customization you can do for linings, cufflinks, and other accessories. And don’t let the word “custom” make you nervous! Custom work can definitely be affordable – sometimes, even more affordable than designer labels!

5. Back to Bow Ties

Long ties are out, and bow ties are in! Grooms today appreciate a polished look, and a nice bowtie will be the icing on the cake for your bride. Not sure how to tie this stylish accessory? Michael and Denny provide a step-by-step video for how to tie a bow tie. Want a little something extra that’s different and funky? Try suspenders or custom pocket squares!

6. Colors and Trends

Navy tuxedos are huge right now, and there are 17 different shades of navy you could get! But don’t feel overwhelmed by that. Your tailor will guide you in the right direction, no matter what color you want. And how about the latest trends? Ask your tailor to show you the most recent item that came into stock, so you can view the freshest styles. Michael also believes the groom should stand out from the groomsmen. You might have some of the same elements in all your suits or accessories, but it’s your day!

7. Black Tie Optional

What does black tie optional mean? What is really implied is you should wear a tuxedo. And not a black suit or sports jacket, by the way! Charcoal grey and navy suits are acceptable if you’re not all about black. Michael provides a “black tie kit” with more helpful information for these kinds of events – maybe you’d like your own wedding to be black tie optional!

8. Wedding Tuxedo Care

How should you take care of your wedding tuxedo? Michael offers tips to his clients on how to pack your suit in luggage if you need to get it to your wedding that way. Keep in mind that your tuxedo needs time to breathe and hang. Don’t iron it, but you can steam inside out if you’d like. Also, your shirt should not be starched. And don’t machine wash your suit! Follow these tips to ensure your tuxedo is in perfect condition on your wedding day and beyond! If you take great care of your suit but need alternations in the future, no problem! Michael provides lifetime free alterations so your tux will always fit correctly.

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