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Top 8 Wedding Photographer Tips for Your Big Day

One of the most important vendors at your celebration is the wedding photographer. Two things will last after your wedding is over Рthe love you share, and your photos! Kate Connolly Testa from Off BEET Productions talks to Denny about how to choose the right wedding photographer. Here are our

Top 8 Wedding Photography Tips for Your Big Day

1. Do Your Research

To find the best wedding photographer for you and your fiance, consult Google! Go online, check out a whole lot of pictures, and visit a bunch of photographer’s websites. Compile a grouping of photos you love that will help you identify your overall vision. Once you find a photographer that mimics the wedding photos you like, schedule a meeting with them!

2. Meet Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographer is going to spend all day with you when you get married, so you have to like them! Set up a meeting with your photographer to get to know them and their style. If you’re not able to meet in person, schedule a phone call or Skype session. Personality is so important – make sure that your photographer not only visually satisfies your needs, but they also jive with you. If you love their photos but don’t feel comfortable with their personality, don’t hire them. You should trust your wedding photographer and want them to be at your wedding!

3. Ask Questions

When you meet your wedding photographer, ask every question you have, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Do you want to see finished photos within a few days of the wedding? While some photographers offer nearly instant edits, not many do because it’s so time intensive. It takes several hours to edit wedding photos, and photographers often keep busy schedules (plus, they need to take care of themselves, too!). Are you ok with waiting a few weeks for a preview? That is more common and realistic, especially during the busiest time of the wedding season. Ask your photographer when you will receive your wedding photos, so you can breathe easy knowing their timeline. Speaking of timeline, ask them to help create yours for the wedding day!

4. Match Styles

If you’re hiring a photographer and videographer for your wedding, it’s best to make sure they have similar styles. For example, if your photographer likes capturing moments organically and naturally, it would be helpful for your videographer to have the same philosophy. It can be difficult for the wedding day to run smoothly when both teams aren’t on the same page. To get the photos and wedding video you’re hoping for, book professionals who share complementary approaches.

5. Beware of Pinterest Overload

Pinterest can be the best thing and the worst thing at the same time! It has completely changed and elevated the wedding industry. Pinterest can help you decorate and style your big day flawlessly, but it can also provide unrealistic expectations for your wedding photos. Some pictures on Pinterest are from stylized, planned photo shoots that aren’t real weddings. Some photos are from real weddings, but keep in mind that a lot of factors come into play. Location, time of day, and your photographer’s skill level all play a role. Don’t expect bright, sunny photos if you’re getting married in the middle of winter at 5:00pm! Our advice? Use Pinterest as a resource, not a Bible.

6. Trust Your Wedding Photographer

Your photographer will be present during the most intimate moments of your wedding day. Trust everything they tell you to do – in most cases, they’ve photographed literally hundreds of weddings! Part of the reason why you hired your wedding photographer was for their style, so you can be sure they know exactly what to do for that beautiful style to shine through. Trust, follow along, and you’ll receive the best possible wedding photos capturing your big day!

7. Realize It’s Not Just About You

Wait, what? Your wedding day is not just about you? Yup. We said it. Your parents, grandparents, and other family members are also excited to celebrate your union. Some family members stay highly involved and want certain things. Therefore, keeping everyone happy is important, and your wedding photographer can help manage expectations, no matter how many traditional photos mom wants!

8. Show Raw Emotion

Don’t be afraid to shed a tear at your wedding – it’s an emotional day! Your genuine feelings should show through your wedding photos. Being present in your emotions will also help your wedding photographer bring your authentic memories to life. Photographers with a photojournalist style aren’t into overly posed pictures that can cramp the emotion. They are more about capturing the real moments as they happen, giving you the truest view of your special memories.

Ready to book your wedding photographer? Watch more videos of Denny and Kate, and contact Off BEET Productions!

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