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top 8 wedding hair makeup tips for brides

Top 8 Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips for Brides

Brides – it’s time to decide on your wedding hair and makeup! Do you want an updo? How about a natural look? No matter what your personal style is, don’t do your own wedding hair and makeup! Leave this crucial process to professionals so you are a vision of perfection in your wedding photos and videos. Denny talks to Tara Weldon of Hot Mess Studio about how to look hot – not like a mess – on your wedding day. Here are our

Top 8 Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips for Brides

1. Do Your Research

As you do your research for wedding hairstylists and makeup artists, check out their social media handles. You’ll be able to see all the work that they’ve done and in most cases, they’ve tagged other pros they’ve worked with, too. It’s a great way to find everything that you need!

2. Self-Tanning Tips

Avoid the self-tanning nightmare! Try it out a month before your wedding and take photos of yourself with friends or family. This will allow you to see what you look like standing next to other people. Put a white top on to see the true contrast because you might look different in a dark shirt. And of course, you want to make sure your neck and your face are the same color when you apply!

3. Facials and Waxing, Oh My!

If you think you want to get a facial in preparation for your wedding day, try one a month out so your skin has time to recover. The same goes for waxing! Take time before your wedding to try things, even if it’s just fake eyelashes, so you know exactly what you want (or don’t want!) when the big day arrives.

4. One Day Dirty

If you’re getting an updo, having your hair be one day dirty is super helpful for your wedding hairstylist. It gives texture to the hair so it isn’t too silky or shiny. Your stylist might use dry shampoo for even more texture. What if you do a rehearsal the day before your wedding and have your hair done for that? If you can brush through it, and it still feels like normal hair, you’re good. But if it has a ton of products like pomade or hairspray in it, that will hinder the process for your wedding day. When in doubt, ask your stylist, and they’ll guide you on the right track!

5. Make It Last

What if your summer wedding weather is super hot and humid? How will your hairstyle last all day? Hot Mess has an incredible team of artists that work on your hair as close to the time you have to be ready. This ensures your hair isn’t done hours before it actually needs to be, running the risk of it not holding.

6. Keep Your Veil in Place

Have someone near you on your wedding day who knows how to put your veil back in should it come out. Veil weights (they look like little earrings) can help keep your veil in on a breezy day. Tara gives her clients a rubber band of bobby pins and hairpins as back up, so one of your girls can fix it if need be. Have your bridesmaids keep hairspray on hand also!

7. Bring Lip Gloss

Your lips will be quite busy during your wedding day…and not just kissing your groom! You’ll be talking to all your guests, smiling in photos, kissing cheeks, eating, and drinking. You’ll definitely want to reapply lip gloss a few times! So, make sure one of your bridesmaids has some on hand for you at all times throughout the day and night.

8. Got Questions?

Tara recommends compiling all the wedding hair and makeup questions you have in one email to her. This makes it easy for her to address all of your needs quickly, so you can both move forward with the services you’d like to schedule. Don’t be afraid to ask! Knowledge is power, especially for one of the biggest days of your life!

Ready to learn more? Finally, visit Hooked’s wedding hair and makeup video page to see more of Tara from Hot Mess Studio.

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