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Top 3 Reasons Why Cedar Lakes Estate Should Be Your Wedding Venue

Cedar Lakes Estate is the premiere wedding venue for Hudson Valley NY weddings. Even NJ wedding and NYC wedding couples travel north to this romantic getaway and adventure destination. Just 70 miles from New York City, this 500-acre estate features rolling hills, beautiful lakes, and cedar forests. Cedar Lakes Estate’s rustic charm paired with its elegant accommodations make it the top wedding venue in the tri-state area. Denny talked to Cedar Lakes Estate co-founders and sisters Stephanie and Lisa, who grew up on the magical grounds of the estate and have transformed it into the best New York wedding venue. Here are our

Top 3 Reasons Why Cedar Lakes Estate Should Be Your Wedding Venue

1. The Accommodations

Cedar Lakes Estate’s Garden Suites are brand new and great for couples and families with a main bedroom and two mini bedrooms. The bright and airy setting makes for a cozy atmosphere. Privacy doors and tvs in each room allow for personalized space. The kitchens feature vintage fixtures for a cool, retro vibe. Brides and grooms love Cedar Lakes Estate because all their family and friends can stay with them for the entire weekend. You’ll have the whole estate to yourself, all of your loved ones will be there, and you can spend quality time together outside of the wedding!

2. The Farm-to-Table Menu

The Cedar Lakes Estate Chef’s Garden grows about 25% of the venue’s produce. Everything they grow, they use in your wedding menu! Any food that isn’t grown in the garden comes from a 20-mile local radius. The Chef’s Garden offers edible flowers like nasturtium for signature cocktails. A beautiful table in the garden houses rehearsal dinners of up to 50 guests. The gorgeous Cedar Lakes Estate Pavilion is where breakfast, brunch, lunch, and large rehearsal dinners are served. Special personalized menus, including gluten free and vegan, are also available. Lisa was the Executive Chef before advancing to Culinary Director for the property, and she cites their food as putting Cedar Lakes Estate on the map. One bride said it wasn’t only the best wedding food she ever had, but also some of the best food she’s ever had in her life!

3. The Ceremony Space

Originally built in 1920, the Cedar Lakes Estate Amphitheater is the best wedding ceremony spot on the property. Stephanie and Lisa recommend it as an easy location for all of your guests to find on the large estate. If you want to have a beautiful, rustic outdoor wedding ceremony, look no further! Wooden benches, pine trees, lake views, and great lighting make for a breathtaking ceremony location. You can even have cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres and drinks at the Amphitheater before moving on to your reception.

Have we convinced you? Contact Cedar Lakes Estate to book your wedding today! Also see more Hooked videos + wedding photos Off BEET Productions took at Cedar Lakes Estate!

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