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Top 15 Wedding Workout Exercise Tips for Brides

Top 15 Wedding Workout Exercise Tips for Brides

You want to look your absolute best on your wedding day…and beyond! Most brides set wedding workout goals to get fit, tone up, and feel good before they walk down the aisle. But how do you get there? Denny talks to Lauren from Buff Brides To Be, a life-long athlete who helps brides exercise in preparation for their wedding and transform their lifestyles after the big day. Here are our

Top 15 Wedding Workout Tips

1. Keep It Simple

You may think toning up and losing weight is complicated – it’s not! Personal trainers like Lauren guide you and show you how easy it is to reach your wedding workout fitness goals. They will help you find the time to work out, even if you have a busy job and kids. If you can make time to get your nails done, you can make time for exercise! Personal trainers can create simple plans for your wedding workout routine.

2. Don’t Fear the First Session

Know the value of personal training – you won’t get personalized help in a class setting. Investing in your health is important! Once you choose a personal trainer, get ready for the first session where your trainer will take your measurements and help you set goals. You’ll also try a little workout to see what level you’re at. Nutrition is the last part, which is the most difficult! Be ready to make the changes necessary to get you in the best shape for your wedding.

3. Avoid Junk Food and Bad Carbs

Food is one of the most important elements in losing weight. You can exercise all day, every day, but if you don’t eat the proper foods, all your hard work goes to waste! Lauren believes in consistency – eat good foods all the time. And no, you can’t have that triple chocolate cake because you just burned a bunch of calories while working out. Bad carbs (like cookies, candy, muffins, and bagels) include simple sugars which give you quick energy then plummet. If you put junk in, you’ll get junk out! Instead, eat quality carbs in small amounts like whole wheat pasta and toast.

4. Eat Less, Work Out More

The key is trying to eat less and exercise more. Once you get on a program, the right foods in your body will make you feel healthy and full. Lauren gives her clients a “rest day” where they can cheat a bit, but she still recommends they don’t gorge on a ton of food. In fact, after eating well for six days, you will feel sick after having three slices of pizza on the seventh day! Eating under 1,2000 calories of quality food a day is a good goal. Follow the right nutrition plan, take note of portion control, and be sure to work out as much as you can.

5. Snack Right

Yes, you can have snacks! Nuts like unsalted cashews and almonds (salt will bloat and dehydrate you!) and vegetables like cucumbers and peppers are great, refreshing snacks. Fruits like apples are also healthy options. Try not to snack after dinner. Little changes in your habits will make a big difference!

6. Lift, Lift, Lift!

We’re dispelling the myth – lifting does not make women bulky unless you take specific supplements. You can start with light weight training then increase as you get stronger, and you’ll find your body getting more toned, not bulky. You have to lift weights to get rid of fat!

7. Beat Back Fat

Exercising your back, lifting weights, and following a consistent nutrition plan will help you get rid of back fat in advance of your wedding. It takes work! Rows are great exercises to target back fat. You don’t even need a rowing machine! With an exercise band attached to a wall, squat down. Keep your chest out, thumbs up, shoulders relaxed, and butt back. Row and squeeze your upper back muscles. Posture is key!

8. Throw the Second Wave Out to Sea

You know it and hate it – the arm jiggle that happens when you wave to someone. Lauren and Denny call it the second wave! Beat the jiggle by exercising your triceps. We use our biceps a lot. Our triceps, not so much! This means they really need to be worked out. One simple exercise is a tricep pull down. Your elbows should be stuck to your sides while you pull down on an exercise band. Want to make it harder? Hold your hands up higher on the band.

9. Posture is Crucial

You’re about to be in hundreds of wedding photos, and most likely, your wedding dress will show off your neckline. Make sure it looks good by having correct posture – sit and stand up straight. There’s nothing nicer than a beautiful necklace. No slouching allowed! Your back and chest exercises will help give you good posture.

10. Love Your Shoulders

Your shoulders may also show in your wedding dress. The overhead shoulder press with weights is your new best friend. Keep your stomach in, chest out, and do three sets of 12 reps. Another option is flies with leg raises, which add your core to a shoulder workout. Double duty is worth the burn!

11. Moderate Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is always a big subject. Lauren doesn’t ban it, but she notes that you should only drink in moderation. Wine has a lot of sugar while tequila is low carb. Clear liquors are better options. You might not want to hear this, but don’t drink beer! It won’t help you reach your weight loss goals.

12. Don’t Rely on Photoshop

Your wedding photographer may be incredibly skilled in Photoshop, but that doesn’t mean you should rely on it! The most important things you can do are exercise and eat right to look amazing on your wedding day. Sculpting your body after the fact in photos can result in unrealistic images. Make sure your memories are of the true you, in your best shape!

13. Get It In

When is the best time to work out? Whenever works for you! You might not want to wake up at 5:00am for your wedding workout. Maybe you’d rather exercise after work. Whatever your style, just get it in! There’s no “better” time to work out. Do what works best for you and your schedule.

14. Realize It Ain’t Gonna Happen Overnight

Be honest with yourself and with your goals. Losing 30 pounds in a month is not realistic. It really takes more than three months to tone up or lose weight. Plan accordingly, and be patient with yourself. You will get there!

15. Stay Dedicated

Your trainer may only see you for one or two hours a week. So, you’re on your own the rest of the time! Lauren checks in with her clients throughout the week to keep them accountable. You must meet your trainer in the middle and be dedicated to following your health plan on your own as well. Self discipline is key!

Ready to start your wedding workout plan? Contact Lauren at Buff Brides To Be! Also, check out more Hooked fitness videos with Lauren!

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