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Top 12 Wedding Video Tips from a Professional

We’ve discussed how wedding photos are a crucial part of your big day. Don’t forget about also having a wedding video, too! Being able to watch your memories over and over again is invaluable for you, your family, and friends. A wedding film is one of the best investments you can make as you plan your wedding. Denny talks to Greg from Endless Wave Studios about all things video – for your benefit! Here are our

Top 12 Wedding Video Tips from a Professional:

1. Natural Light

Why do videographers ask clients to stand near a window? Because natural light is best! Tungsten lighting from lamps and other indoor fixtures and make your skin tone look muddy due to their orange tone. Sunlight coming through a window will make you and your fiance look amazing in your wedding video! So, stay near windows as much as you can throughout prep and the rest of your day.

2. What You See

Finding beautiful lighting for your wedding film is something your wedding videographer can absolutely do. What they can’t do is remove gaps in teeth, reverse a bad spray tan, or magically make an arm cast disappear. What you see in real life is what you get in video! Therefore, keep that in mind, and make sure family members are aware, too.

3. Take a Break

Weddings can be stressful, so Greg from Endless Wave Studios recommends following the Rule of 15. After your hair is done, take a 15-minute break to hang out with your bridesmaids. After your makeup is done, take another 15-minute break – even if it’s in the bathroom by yourself to breathe! Consider taking another 15-minute break after reading the note from your groom. Setting this “me time” aside will help you feel less stressed on your big day and not feel like you’re rushing from one thing to the next. Most importantly, a relaxed bride is the best subject for a wedding video!

4. Simplify Your Day

Having everything in the same place helps you, your wedding vendors, and also your wallet! If you can get dressed, have your wedding ceremony, do your photo session, and have your wedding reception all in one location, you’ll save money and potential headaches. Your wedding budget won’t have to include transportation, and your guests won’t have to worry about going to more than one place. Simplifying your day also helps your videographer maximize the time you have together.

5. Don’t Regret

Many couples regret not booking video for their wedding because of what they miss out on. Greg shares that his dad passed away a year after his wedding, and in his wedding video, he’s able to watch his dad give a special speech and dance with his mom. Now, Greg’s kids, who never met their grandfather, can see his personality and can enjoy knowing who he was. You may also have guests who haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Watching them joyfully reconnect is incredible! The important people in our lives are one big reason why having a wedding video is priceless.

6. Video Length

An average wedding video length is seven to 10 minutes. In that time, your wedding videographer will include every important moment during your day to create the best wedding film possible. It’s better to have an incredible wedding video you’ll want to watch again and again, rather than an hour-long, redundant, boring video! Sometimes, couples request raw footage (every shot taken). Keep in mind, this will cost you extra money, and it’s totally unnecessary. Trust us – seven to 10 minutes isn’t too short; it’s the sweet spot!

7. It Takes Time

You might think your cable guy should be able to fix your tv quickly. But if you’re not a cable guy, you don’t know enough about what goes into the job. It’s also the same for wedding vendors. Your wedding videographer will educate you on time and costs involved in creating your wedding film, so you know what to expect. It’s a labor-intensive process!

8. Experience Matters

We know you’ll shop around for wedding cinematographers. You may meet a “weekend warrior” who has a day job and does wedding films on the side. They may charge less, but at the end of the day, you can’t get ahold of them at 1:00pm on a Wednesday when you have a question. They also may not be well versed in helping you with timelines and liasoning with other wedding vendors. It’s best to hire a professional wedding videographer who has a ton of experience and is available for you when you need them! Most of all, rofessionals respond quickly, give you the attention you deserve, and take their work very seriously.

9. Great Tunes

The music in your feature wedding film includes multiple songs that your wedding videographer will choose for you. Why can’t you choose the songs? Your cinematographer knows what’s best for the story of your love – especially because they’ve gotten to know you! You want to focus on the emotion of your big day, get lost in the good times, and not wait for the song that you know all the words to so you can sing along. Your wedding video is about YOU, and the music is there to complement your unique story. Another note is your wedding videographer will also license (yup, that means pay for) the songs in your video(s) that are the right fit.

10. Timeless Films

Great wedding videographers create timeless films. It won’t look like it was made in the 80s! Trust your wedding cinematographer to deliver a film that will hold up over time. Creative license means giving your wedding videographer the freedom to create your wedding video based on their style. Allow your cinematographer to do what they do best, so you’ll reap the benefits in the results year after year!

11. Making Changes

If you want changes when you received your wedding film, keep in mind that creative alternations may require an additional fee – it can take hours to make one change because your wedding videographer curates everything perfectly to the music and timing. You hired your cinematographer because you liked their style, right? That’s what you can expect to receive; you hired that person to be the creative, and as a result, that’s what they’ll be!

12. Film Delivery

Most wedding videographers today are digital. Mediazilla is a great service to deliver your wedding videos on an all-inclusive platform where you can enjoy your memories at any time from anywhere in the world. You can also share your wedding video link with all your guests! Want to download your film and put it on a USB drive? No problem! You’ll get everything right from Mediazilla. Forget DVDs – this is the (Endless) wave of the future! Yeah, we went there 🙂

Ready to learn more? Finally, visit Hooked’s 60 Second Wedding Video page to see more of Greg from Endless Wave Studios.

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