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Top 12 Barbershop Tips for Grooms and Groomsmen

Top 12 Barbershop Tips for Grooms and Groomsmen

Grooms and groomsmen! This one’s for you. We know the ladies will have their primping on lockdown with makeup and hair, but what about your hair? A professional barbershop will help you look your best on your wedding day, no matter what style you’re going for. Denny chats with John from Talking Heads barbershop about how a great barber can achieve the best cut for you. Here are our

Top 12 Barbershop Tips for Grooms and Groomsmen

1. Start Early

Start working with your barber six to eight months before your wedding. This will allow for three to four cuts before your big day. You both can see how your hair responds to the cut and make adjustments if necessary. If there’s a desired cut you want to achieve, you need the time to get there. So much better than showing up the day before and not knowing what you’re gonna get!

2. Stick With The Same Barber

Forming a relationship with your barber doesn’t just benefit you with a great friendship – it also benefits your hair! Staying with the same barber for each cut allows them to learn the flow of your hair. Your first cut may not be spectacular but keep with it. The more your barber can see how your hair naturally sits, the better cut they can give. How do you find a great barber? Check out their website or Instagram page to view their work and get an idea of their style.

3. Be Reasonable

If you want a trendy haircut, bring in a picture to your barber. They will tell you if it’s reasonable and will work with your hair type. If you have super curly hair and want to look like Brad Pitt, think again! That being said, your barber can help you achieve the best cut for you with the appropriate technique. You may need to grow out your hair longer before getting the cut of your dreams.

4. Stay True to Who You Are

When it comes to groom and groomsmen grooming (that’s a lot of groom!), it’s totally up to you whether you’d like to keep your beard or get a clean shave. If you have a big burly beard, rock it! If you usually wear a ponytail, go for it! You’ll be the most confident with your personal style. Just make sure you’re getting your hair maintained, so it’s awesome for your wedding day.

5. Choose Your Neckhair Shape

What to do with that neck hair? You can have it rounded or square. Generally, a barber will square the back and round the edges. If you’d like a trendier look, you can go with the taper and fade. Your barber will help you choose the right shape for you.

6. Don’t Move Your Head

If you want to achieve the best cut (and not make your barber cranky), keep your head as still as possible. Conversation is awesome, and you can definitely have it if you’d like to. Just try not to move your head, so you’ll leave the barbershop with more amazing results than you could have imagined!

7. Cut Then Style

Slicked back, spiky, or somewhere in between? Styling is a whole nother beast, and it goes along with cutting. Your barber will not only give you a great cut, but they’ll also help you achieve a perfect final look with styling. If you’re not sure how to get the style you want, let your barber know so they can give you the right tips, tools, and products.

8. Bring the Guys

As your wedding approaches (or at your bachelor party), you might want to also bring your groomsmen into your barber for a little cut or shave. This a great bonding time for you all and can be a part in and of itself! Plan to be at the barbershop for about two hours. Most shops will allow you to schedule this in the morning before they open to other clients. Just be sure to schedule at least a month in advance to secure your slot and show up on time!

9. Don’t Try This at Home

Unless you’re going for a lopsided, asymmetrical look, don’t cut your hair at home! Visit a licensed barber in advance to ensure you’ll look your best on the big day. A DIY botched haircut doesn’t make for great wedding photos or videos. Trust the important stuff to the professionals!

10. Don’t Forget to Tip

Just like going out to eat, 20% is also an appropriate tip for a barber. Take care of the people who take care of you! When a barber spends 30-45 minutes working on your hair, it shows appreciation when you give them a nice tip.

11. Show It Off

A great cut can literally turn your day around. You want to be confident on your wedding day, and your barber will help you feel like the man! A haircut is a feel-good thing. As a result, you’ll walk out of the barbershop fresh and on top of the world, ready to marry your bride!

12. Use the Right Products

Pomades, creams, gels, oh my! Nowadays, you may be noticing more matte products. What’s matte mean? Pomades tend to be shiny, so anything that has the word “matte” on it will give you more of a natural, dry look. John used good, old-fashioned gel on his wedding day because he wanted a wet, slicked back look that would hold. Whatever your preference and style, your barber can recommend the right products.

Ready to learn more? Finally, visit Hooked’s Barbershop video page to see more of John from Talking Heads barbershop.

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