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Hooked Weddings – A Web Series Giving Wedding Planning Tips In Unique Fashion
Are you watching “Hooked Weddings?”
The Dirty is always on the lookout for underground content that is starting to make waves. Recently, we were made aware of Hooked Weddings, a wedding planning web series/Youtube show created by New Jersey’s award-winning Off Beet Productions. While that could sound like boring “how to” content, Hooked Weddings is putting a unique and entertaining spin on it that makes it worth watching. Read More >>


My Wedding Planner
Are you watching “Hooked Weddings?”
We love all things wedding and our aim is always to help out the brides and grooms on their planning journey. As we seek out amazing tips and tricks for you and provide you with our personalised wedding services, we are fortunate to come across amazing wedding businesses that we absolutely adore. Sometimes we just have to share our latest discovery with you! Read More >>


The Marriage Proposal
Hooked Weddings Brings You Top Tips After You’re Engaged
Leading up to the time of a proposal is always anxiety inducing. Will the person you’re asking to marry you say yes? Will the way you’ve envisioned the proposal in your head actually play out that way? Will the surprise be ruined? Typically, things tend to go well, and you feel a sense of relief. However, once you start wedding planning, the anxiety can return tenfold, as there is so much to do. Read More >>