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Best Wedding Music Tips from Top Wedding Band

You’ve booked your wedding planner, wedding venue, and wedding photographer. Have you considered the wedding music you’d like on your big day? Guns 4 Hire, an acoustic wedding band trio that features two guitars, three vocals, and a sense of humor, chats with Denny about how they enhance your wedding with a bit of tunes and a lot of fun! Here are our

Best Wedding Music Tips from a Top NJ Wedding Band

Share Song Requests in Advance

Great wedding bands put their own spin on classic tunes. Guns 4 Hire provides a song list to their brides and grooms (with over 500 songs to choose from!), so you and your fiance can indicate what you don’t want to hear. Make song requests in advance to ensure the band will play more of what you do like. You can also make requests on the spot at your wedding reception and played when the band knows them…or sometimes even if they don’t! Guns 4 Hire has taken a few minutes break to look up a song request on their phones and learn enough of it on the spot to be able to play it live. Now, that’s professionalism at its finest!

Don’t Fear Lack of Dancing

Guns 4 Hire is an acoustic trio. So, wait…Do people even dance to a few acoustic guitars? You bet! The best wedding bands amp up a crowd even if they’re not amped. No drums? No problem. Guns 4 Hire has the skills to make an acoustic sound danceable, and they are also sure to be interactive. Their job is to get your wedding guests fired up, and top wedding bands do just that. With such an extensive song catalog and the ability to read the crowd, they make your wedding reception a party no matter what!f

Consider Having Ceremony Music

Having a live band play during your wedding ceremony adds a special energy and fun vibe. Guns 4 Hire played a ceremony at Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank, NJ where the bride and groom were so touched to have a musician serenading them down the aisle. Sometimes, wedding ceremonies can feel stiff, and including a musical element is the perfect way to loosen everyone up and enjoy the emotion of your NJ wedding or NY wedding.

Start the Party at Cocktail Hour

Guns 4 Hire encourages your wedding entertainment to begin during cocktail hour to bring the energy up prior to your wedding reception. There is always at least one wedding guest (usually more!) who is a musician. Your wedding band may invite them to share the experience. At one wedding, Guns 4 Hire noticed a guy with a harmonica, invited him up, and that happened to be the bride’s father! Seeing her dad play along with the wedding band made her night. It also certainly made for great memories at cocktail hour. Start the party earlier than your guests expect!

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